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JFAP creates ARTISTS’ BOOKS that are works of art in themselves.  Quite different from books about art, artists’ books are a unique artistic expression that inspires, evokes emotion and creates an intense level of engagement, making them an unusually powerful medium.  We print artists’ books in limited hand-bound editions under the hands-on supervision of the artists.

JFAP also creates books which are ART OBJECTS — facsimile editions of art books ranging from contemporary Jewish art to illuminated manuscripts.  Our portfolio displays dozens of such projects.  They have been exhibited all over the world, with many finding a permanent place in premier collections.

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We use a wide variety of techniques to create these books, and work with Israel’s leading bookbinders — among them, Yehuda Miklaf, Shevach Black and Ido Agassi.

Please share your artists’ book dream with us.  Maybe we can realize it together.